Automotive Engine Repair

The absolute entirety of your car is the engine; a complex system as essential to your vehicle as your heart is to you. Indeed, even with great support, engine will in any case come up short. The individuals who gave their vehicles brilliant normal support will generally get a fundamentally higher number of miles out of their engine contrasted with the individuals who didn’t however the tragic truth is that anything with moving parts is destined to come up short. We do suggest Automotive Engine Repair on the off chance that it wasn’t dealt with appropriately.

Our Automotive Engine Repair and Maintenance Services in Dubai Include:

  • Head gasket replacement
  • Oil Changes: synthetic and blended
  • Fix engine oil leaks
  • Fix engine noises
  • Fix engine oil leaks
  • Diagnose warning lights on your dashboard
  • Timing belt/Chain replacement
  • Engine mounts replacement
  • Engine oil pump replacement
  • Replace all engine gaskets and seals
  • Perform engine tune-ups
  • Check engine light diagnostics
  • Spark plug and wires replacement
  • Engine replacement