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Mechanic Service:
Your vehicles maintenance and repairs are performed by expert technicians using original parts.
Your use of your BMW brand gasoline and diesel vehicles and miles should be made depending on the kinds of periodic and maintained by the team of experts between treatments.

Periodic maintenance except from time to time, the resulting engine, driveline and steering system, automatic and mechanical sub team, gearbox, differential, cooling system, suspension and air suspension problems based on the approval of our customers professional understanding and are carried out by specialist staff.


Electro-Mechanical Service:
Fault detection and repair your vehicles in high-tech element after checks are carried out with Orginal ICOM BMW Diagnostics System.
Periodic maintenance your vehicles equipped with advanced technology, all electronic units during the fault code memory and functions checked, you do not have the required interventions component replacement and temporary if the servisimizce is done, if electronic failure component replacement are carried out based on our client’s approval if necessary.
At various times between electromechanical problems to live, electric Windows, remote central locking, dashboard and information display failures, lighting system, airbag, brake system failures (ABS, ASC, DSC), air suspension systems, turbochargers and fuel system failures, park distance control system, and all other electrical and electronic test equipment vehicle problems detected with the help of the diagnosis to the bugfixes, new coding as appropriate for the parts installed in the vehicle and should impose appropriate systems to be provided.

In addition, our customers request electronic infrastructure can be made of the available tools for personalization and programming.


Auto Body Workshop:
All kinds of damage to your vehicle repairs are carried out using original spare parts and technological equipment.
Any damage your vehicles and auto body repairs, using original replacement parts and technological equipment are manufacturers standards. In addition, all brand aimed at the service of the bonnet.
Replacement Parts:

All kinds of replacement parts for your BMW Orginal brand vehicles equipment located in our stocks.


Paint Protection:
If Your Car Doesn’t Refresh The Display.
Over time, the cars were formed on the surface of the paint dull and dull the image is applied to eliminate paint protection System is now available.
The first phase of the system, the car’s exterior surfaces are washed with special cleaning agents, paint the surface after cleaning waste materials stuck to the dull and washing the error arising from superficial lines with a special machine special shine is resolved by using the item.
The second stage, the paint surface, gloss enhancer with a substance in terms of color and brightness becomes the first day. The third stage is the paint surface is coated with a special preservative. This article, by blocking the Sun’s harmful rays prevents fading of the paint and it contains ultraviolet filters.
Paint protection system, destroying the dye in the winter mud, salt and other minerals, contain destructive factors of air pollution, and most importantly, protects from persistent destruction of acid rain.

Thanks to this system, cake-Polish requirement is completely eliminated.


Detailed Interior Cleaning:
Detailed Interior Cleaning System the car’s all inside, seats, carpets, mats and baggage is cleared.
Wide floor, carpets smell if that makes dirt cleaning applying special item deodorizer during bad smell are completely resolved.
Front glove box, steering wheel, door, filters, air channel grids, gearshift console, and door panels are passed from the meticulous cleaning.

Ceiling, deleted with the special cleaning, smoke and grime to troubleshoot. Maximum care for the fabric of the ceiling are not damaged, and overhaul are shown.


Detailed Exterior Cleaning:
Vehicle special cleaning agents applied is all dirt and waste.
External surfaces plating, bumpers, plastic and rubber parts can be cleaned.
Special tools and materials are brought to the vehicle’s paint with brilliance the first day.